Anonymous whispered, "I checked out your personal blog and I was surprised that a girl like you likes Titanic. Some of the stuff you post is hard to handle. Honestly it kind of scares me lol but I do love this blog. I really do :)"

You must be talking about the dark gothic pics of naked chicks, tattoos, etc etc. I am very much attracted to that kind of photography. I happen to find it beautiful but at the same time I love Titanic. Very much. So.. yep, I have different tastes then what you are probably used to. lol

Thank you :)

Heaven by Warrant

"I don’t need to be the king of the world. As long as, I’m the hero of this little girl. Heaven, isn’t too far away. Closer to it every day. No matter what your friends might say.How I love the way you move and the sparkle in your eyes. There’s a color deep inside them like a blue suburban sky."

Anonymous whispered, "A while back I noticed that you are a fan of Warrant so I thought I would ask you to post your favorite :)

peace out!"

My all time favorite Warrant song is not Titanic related lol. But I will post the 2nd favorite. Is that alright with you?


We say goodbye in the pouring rain and I break down as you walk away. Stay.
-Stay by Hurts

Lyrics Meme asked by greysweatpants

My top old/new movies (no particular order) | Titanic  (1997)

Rose: I love you, Jack. Jack: Don’t you do that, don’t say your good-byes. Not yet, do you understand me? Rose: I’m so cold. Jack: Listen, Rose. You’re gonna get out of here, you’re gonna go on and you’re gonna make lots of babies, and you’re gonna watch them grow. You’re gonna die an old… an old lady warm in her bed, not here, not this night. Not like this, do you understand me? Rose: I can’t feel my body. Jack: Winning that ticket, Rose, was the best thing that ever happened to me… it brought me to you. And I’m thankful for that, Rose. I’m thankful. You must do me this honor. Promise me you’ll survive. That you won’t give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless. Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise. Rose: I promise. Jack: Never let go. Rose: I’ll never let go, Jack. I’ll never let go. 

“Leo, I’m so happy I can stand here and tell you how much I love you and how much I’ve loved you for 13 years. Your performance in this film is nothing short of spectacular. I love you with all my heart, I really do.”

Jack: Where to, Miss? Rose: To the stars.